Providing psychological counselling and crisis intervention to adolescents, adults, couples and businesses.

Consultation to Parents

Schools confront parents with their child's "problem behaviour". In addition, parents are often confused by multiple diagnoses. After that follows the suggested therapies. Let me help you to develop an integrated view and plan of action.

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Crisis Intervention

It is very difficult to deal with the disturbing behaviour of a close family member or friend. Relieve the pressure from yourself. Moreover, don't be the only decision-maker. Above all, get a person with the right knowledge and skills to contain the situation. The counsellor will provide all involved with coping behaviour

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Services to Schools

  • Trauma counselling
  • Assisting schools in developing a comprehensive substance abuse approach
  • Also Helping schools in specific drug abuse cases
  • Flash cards for schools with information on the 5 most commonly used drugs in the area.
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South African Council for Education
Solution Focused Institute of South African
Solution Focused Institute of South African

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