Trauma counselling

Are you consumed by recurrent thoughts of the trauma, bodily symptoms, sadness, and anxiety caused by the trauma? And/or

  • Being easily startled or frightened?
  • Always being on guard for danger?
  • Insomnia?
  • Trouble concentrating?
  • Irritability, angry outbursts or aggressive behaviour?
  • Feelings of guilt or shame?

In therapy we can tap into your unique ways of coping and resilience to take back control of your life.

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Counselling for preteens, teens

Counselling is often the agenda of the parents. For an adolescent to be cooperative and continue with counselling he/she needs to experience that their needs are served.

In therapy we can attain that by,

  • finding OUTCOMES of the goals that will be compatible for the preteen/teen and parents
  • engaging with the best version of the teenager
  • guiding the adolescent to his/her preferred future
  • engaging in hope-filled conversations
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Counselling for feelings of depression, grief, anger, anxiety and stress

  • Are things becoming too much for you and/or the people around you; too overwhelming?
  • Are other people worried about you?
  • Is it affecting your relationships?
  • Does it interfere with your ability to function at work/ in school/ at university?
  • Is your life more limited because of this?
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Counselling for burnout

Burnout is about much more than physical exhaustion! Do you lack drive, motivation, and purpose? Do you experience emotional exhaustion or a low sense of personal accomplishment?

Recovering from burnout is about more than leading a “balance lifestyle”:

  • Become aware of exceptions to these symptoms.
  • Clarify what you would rather experience instead of these symptoms.
  • Become aware of your already existing coping behaviour. As well as resources, skills, and resilience. More importantly, how you can amplify these.
  • Start creating your preferred future by engaging in hope-filled conversations.
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In-person counselling

My office is in the historical Alexandra Building, centrally located in Main Road, Somerset West, close to schools and Vergelegen Medi Clinic.

Parking is available outside the premises.

Sessions are +/- 50min

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Online therapy

I offer online therapy to national and international clients as well as expats.

Sessions are +/- 50min

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On-site counselling

I offer on-site counselling at hospital emergency rooms, general hospital wards (Busamed Paardevlei Private Hospital, Vergelegen Medi Clinic, Stellenbosch Medi Clinic) and businesses when my schedule allows it.

Duration of sessions: dependent on my schedule, negotiable.

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