Services to schools

An incident can sometimes traumatize a group of learners, or even the whole school. The death, serious injury or illness of a learner or teacher can be devastating to the school community. Consequently, it may be impossible for the one school counsellor or psychologist to handle this on his/her own. There are benefits to the affected individuals receiving trauma counselling on-site. Please note – not available during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Follow-up psychological counselling at the school can reassure learners and teachers. Also, it gives them confidence to come to work rather than to take leave / be absent.

  • Assisting schools in developing a comprehensive substance abuse approach. For example, substance abuse policy, protocol, agreements, communicating with parents about confirmed or suspected substance use, testing and more.
  • Consultation to high schools in specific substance abuse cases.
  • Flash cards for schools with information on the 5 most commonly used drugs in the area.

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