Trauma and other counselling for schools

An incident can sometimes traumatize a group of learners, or even the whole school. The death, serious injury or illness of a learner or teacher can be devastating to the school community. Consequently it may be impossible for the one school counsellor or psychologist to handle this on his/her own. There are benefits to the affected individuals receiving trauma counselling on-site.

Preferably trauma counselling should be provided as soon as possible after a traumatic incident. Delivering trauma counselling on-site ensures that as many learners / teachers as possible can receive counselling. Also, as soon as possible after the incident.

If the trauma took place at the school, trauma counselling at the location can prevent avoidance of the location. Furthermore, it can reduce or prevent sick-leave / absenteeism. Finally, positive associations and healing can replace traumatic associations.

This will empower the learners and teachers. Consequently they can be a source of support and healing to each other.

The counsellor can do trauma counselling in groups and/or individually. This will depend on the number of learners and teachers affected by the incident.

Follow-up psychological counselling at the school can reassure learners and teachers. Also, it gives them confidence to come to work rather than to take leave / be absent.

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