Counselling for adults

Each stage in adulthood has its own challenges and stressors. At the same time, also unique opportunities and sources of satisfaction and joy. For example, work and social life. Adults are more than ever part of the corporate rat race. Also, the pressure of keeping up with the Joneses, the role of social media and other modern-day challenges. All these things contribute to more stressful lives and higher rates of burnout. Added to these normal developmental “tasks” and challenges most adults in the modern world are facing, some are also facing hardships, suffering or trauma.

We, in South Africa, live in a country with a high crime rate. It is likely that you, or a friend or family member, will experience or witness a traumatic crime related incident. Alternatively, you may be the support of someone who has experienced or witnessed such trauma. You may want to consider trauma counselling.

When adults face these challenges, some will develop feelings of depression, grief, anger, anxiety and stress. Alternatively, some abuse a substance to try and deal with these feelings.

If adults struggle to cope with all these challenges, how much more difficult it is for adolescents to cope with all of this!

Some of the most frightening things to parents of adolescents is probably to feel totally powerless. Moreover parents feel unequipped when faced with an adolescent child who is abusing a substance. The same applies when an adolescent threatens to commit suicide or whose behaviour is suddenly out of control without any obvious reason.

Schedule an appointment for psychological counselling (in-person or online) for you and/or your partner to:

Contact me for crisis / trauma intervention to regain control when you feel powerless. Especially when you are faced with behaviour by your adolescent child that may be frightening or dangerous.

Schedule an appointment (in-person or online) to be guided in exploring your resources, skills and strengths.