Counselling adolescents

Terrible teens?

A roller coaster of emotions is typical of adolescence. Therefore, a common question from parents is: is this or that emotion or pattern of behaviour normal? At the same time teachers at school notice the same emotions and behaviour. Accordingly, they report the "concerning behaviour" to you as parent. Maybe you have gone one step further and you already took your teenage child to a health care professional. And this person diagnosed him/her with one or more disorders and you have no idea what to do next!

Turbulence ahead

Adolescence is a period of experimentation and testing boundaries. In the process adolescents may expose themselves to risks. Some of the sources of these risks include, the risky use of social media, substance use and sexual experimentation.

Schedule a psychological counselling session (online only until 1 October 2021) for your adolescent child

In the lion's den

Unfortunately, teenagers are not exempt from the world "out there". They experience pressure from all directions and haven’t always yet developed the skills to deal with this. Added to this they must cope with and adapt to internal and social changes. In the process they often develop feelings of depression, anxiety and stress or can become traumatized.

Help is available

Schedule a psychological counselling session (online only until 1 October 2021) for your adolescent child

Notice the signs

Many times, the first signs of psychological disorders start in adolescence. Often parents don’t see the slight, gradual changes in the behaviour of their teen. "Suddenly" they display behavior that may be spiraling out of control. For example, becoming psychotic. In other words, seeing and hearing things that aren’t there. Alternatively,  delusional. This means a belief that is maintained despite being contradicted by reality. Alternatively, extremely anxious ("freaking out"), irritable, aggressive or irrational. Additionally. some of the behavior may also be dangerous to themselves or others. Sometimes these signs may also be caused by drug use.

Crisis intervention

Should your adolescent child eventually be diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder there are clinical psychologists and psychiatrists available to treat him/her. However, what do you do in that moment when you are faced with behaviour by your adolescent child that leaves you feeling totally powerless?

  • Contact me for Crisis Intervention (only available online till 1 October 2021) to help contain the situation. Also, provide all involved with coping behavior and make the necessary referrals.

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