Counselling for businesses

Unfortunately, businesses more and more become the target of crime. This includes very threatening or violent crime. Consequently employees become severely traumatized.  Other sources of trauma impact businesses as well. For example, the death of a colleague or the diagnosis of a colleague with a life-threatening disease.

There are benefits to the individuals and the business for receiving trauma counselling on-site.

Preferably trauma counselling should be provided as soon as possible after a traumatic incident. Delivering trauma counselling on-site ensures that as many people as possible can receive trauma counselling. Additionally it can happen as quickly as possible after the incident.

If the trauma took place at the workplace, trauma counselling at the location can prevent avoidance of the location. Furthermore, it can reduce or prevent sick-leave. Above all, traumatic associations can be replaced with positive associations and healing.

This empowers the employees and enable them to be a source of support and healing to each other.

The counsellor can do trauma counselling in groups and/or individually. This will depend on the number of employees affected by the incident.

Follow-up psychological counselling at the workplace can reassure the employees. Also, it gives them confidence to come to work rather than to take leave.

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