My Focus

Preteens, teens

As a stepdad of one preteen and one teen, I have personal experience of some of the challenges that are facing today's youth as well as the challenges parents must face.

As a stepparent I can identify with the complexities of stepfamilies.

In my professional capacity I have worked with adolescents within the school environment for 15 years.

Many adolescents may be negative about entering therapy. By focusing on the outcomes of what it is that the parent and (pre)teenager wants from counselling, we can avoid the battle and find common outcomes.


As an adult in early middle age I have had connections with people in early adulthood in the working environment and learned about, and from Millennials.

In my professional capacity I have worked a lot with tertiary level students with their unique challenges in early adulthood.

I have parents in late adulthood and need to adjust to the reversed roles, with me as caregiver.

Let me help you navigate and adjust to these challenges and changes in a way that works just right for you.

Medical professionals

Due to the nature of the work of doctors, nurses, paramedics, emergency medical technicians and other allied medical professionals, the levels of burnout, stress, trauma and suicidal ideation is high.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic I have provided counselling to medical professionals on the frontlines.

Especially medical professionals working in government health facilities are facing huge challenges with consequent mental health issues.

As an external service provider to the therapy unit of Stellenbosch University (Maties), I provide therapy to students, many of them medical students. This is an opportunity not to only address current mental health issues, but also create resilience for their future careers.

Contact me to engage in a process where you can become the best professional and personal version of yourself.


I have been an external service provider to the therapy unit of Stellenbosch University (Maties) since 2018. For many students this is a phase of discovering and shaping their identities, of which gender identity is a crucial part. Also, this is often a phase in which members of the LGBTQIA+ community come out and need a lot of support, sometimes also professional support.

Unfortunately this is also often the age group where psychological disorders present themselves for the first time.

Consequently, students often, for the first time, have to deal with the emotional and behavioural changes of a close friend. This may include problems such as bipolar disorder, psychotic episodes and suicidal ideation and attempts. This can be very traumatic and overwhelming.

Let me help you to take control in these turbulent times.

The elderly

With my elderly parents I see first-hand how hard it is to cope with ever increasing loss. Losing peers who pass away, a loss of strength, energy, health, independence, the role you used to occupy in society etc.

Many elderly have to care for their spouse who might become frail or suffer from dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinson's or a chronic disease. The emotional toll of daily care can become a heavy emotional burden.

Allow me to help, starting from a place of understanding as a caregiver, then guiding you to move to a place of renewed meaning and identity.

I do NOT offer

I do NOT offer couples, group or family counselling. Please, please consult someone who is a specialist in this field - someone who focuses on this field and offers this as a primary service, not as one of countless options. This field requires generic counselling skills, but also skills unique to this field. These skills need to be honed on a regular basis, i.e. the majority of clients you see, must fall in this category.

Schedule an appointment (in-person or online) to be guided in exploring your resources, skills and strengths.