Crisis Intervention

Immediate crisis intervention at the site of the incident.

  • Crisis intervention available in the Helderberg area, Somerset West, Strand, Gordons Bay and Stellenbosch.
  • Also available after-hours if schedule permits.

Some EXAMPLES of behaviour showing a person is in need of crisis intervention:

  • Suicide attempts, statements, plans and notes.
  • Aggressive, irritable or irrational behaviour quickly becoming worse. Onlookers may describe the behaviour as weird and find it very upsetting.
  • Anxiety spiraling out of control. For instance, getting rapidly worse or experiencing physical symptoms. Examples of these may include, rapid breathing, fast heart rate, difficulty breathing.
  • Additionally the person may become more difficult to cope with.

Parents with adolescents in crisis

  • Do you have a teenager in crisis, but you do not have the capacity to deal with him/ her?
  • Do you have to attend to, and protect the other siblings?
  • Are you concerned that you lose objectivity because of your personal involvement?
  • Does your involvement just worsen the situation?
  • Do you lack the necessary knowledge to deal with the situation effectively?

Crisis intervention Services.

  • On-site assistance where possible. Otherwise telephonic assistance will be available.
  • Assessment of the situation.
  • On-site containment for all involved. In other words, ensuring physical and emotional safety as far as possible.
  • Providing the teen and/or parents with coping behaviour. Alternatively or additionally, referral to immediate emergency medical care.
  • Feedback to the doctor or specialist as soon as possible.

Advantages of crisis intervention

  • You might avoid a trip after-hours to the emergency room. As well as the associated expenses.
  • It relieves the pressure from you as parent. Most noteworthy, to be the only decision-maker on the desired course of action.
  • You don't need to deal directly with the adolescent in crisis.
  • It enables you as parent to focus on, support and comfort the siblings.
  • You can tap into your own reserves to face the next challenge.
  • You can tend to practical arrangements. For example, contacting family members, arranging medical aid, scheduling appointments with doctors etc.
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On-site intervention during mental health crisis to regain control of the situation.