Counselling for adolescents

Adolescence is a period of experimentation and testing boundaries. Due to this, teenagers may expose themselves to risks. Sometimes teens report for help themselves, especially if the dangers or consequences of the behaviour have caught up with them. However, more often parents or other concerned adults realising the risk, will seek help for the adolescent. Some examples of this type of behaviour include, the misuse / risky use of social media, substance use and sexual experimentation.

Your agenda may not be your adolescent child’s agenda. Additionally, what you want him/her to get from counselling and what he/she wants from counselling, may differ. More importantly though, the OUTCOMES of your wants and the OUTCOMES of your adolescent child’s wants, will most probably be compatible, if not the same.

Schedule an appointment for psychological counselling (in-person or online) for your adolescent child in which

  • the counsellor will avoid the battle between the wants of the parent/s and child, by
    • finding OUTCOMES that will be compatible for both parties
    • engaging with the best version of the teenager
    • guiding your adolescent child to create his/her preferred future
    • do this by engaging in hope-filled conversations
  • the risky behaviour and replacement with responsible behaviour may not be the focus of attention, but rather a by-product of the process
  • the adolescent will feel valued and respected

Schedule an appointment (in-person or online) to be guided in exploring your resources, skills and strengths.