Counselling approach

I use Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) as my counselling approach. In SFBT we FOCUS on solutions, strengths and resources WITHOUT ignoring problems.

Many therapies offer so called tools for a specific situation or problem.   There are numerous limitations to this counselling approach. For instance, these tools are generic. What works for one client does not work for the other. Also, what works in one context does not work in the next. Hence, if clients are faced with another problem or situation, these tools are not relevant to this new challenge.

Furthermore, clients do not apply these tools if it does not come naturally to them. If it does not suit their skills, abilities, and personality it is short-lived.

Another pitfall in many therapies is that the therapist is the agent of change. In other words, the therapist does something to/with the client that causes the change. Therefore, the change is dependent on the therapist.

SFBT enables the client to become the best version of him/herself. This counselling approach helps the client to use their already existing skills, resources, and strengths. These come naturally to the client. Added to this, the client not only is more capable of handling the current issue, but also future challenges.

With this counselling approach clients are more empowered. Also, clients are filled with hope, even amidst difficult circumstances.

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Counselling Services

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