Consultation to Parents of Adolescents

Has your adolescent child received more than one diagnosis or suggested therapy AND...

  • you do not know how to make sense of these diagnoses or suggested therapies?
  • you do not know which diagnosis and/or therapy should get preference?
  • you are not clear on how these diagnoses or disorders might relate to one other?

Has your adolescent child's school reported that your child presents with problems (or you as parents have observed these problems) and you want to assist, BUT

  • you do not know how?
  • you do not know where to start tackling the problem?
  • you struggle to tease out the various problems?
  • you struggle to identify the focus of the problem and therefore who to contact for help?
  • You struggle to distinguish between cause and effect?
  • you struggle to decide whether to attribute the behaviour to normal teenage rebelliousness or an actual disorder?
  • you struggle to decide whether it is necessary to get professional help from a psychologist or psychiatrist?

YES? As a counsellor with 20 years of experience in counselling teens, also in school context, I will assist you to:

  • make sense of the diagnoses/ reported problems.
  • develop an integrated view of the problem(s) and possible interventions/ referrals.

Contact me to help you develop an integrated view and plan of action.