Caring for our frontline Covid-19 fighters

I am very proud to be part of this national initiative. It provides Covid-19 frontline doctors and nurses with counselling.


Doctors and nurses are at the forefront in the fight against the Corona virus. Therefore it is crucial to ensure their physical safety, but also their mental well-being.

The Corona virus has not hit South Africa yet with full force. This however does not mean that South African doctors and nurses don’t experience distress. These professionals have been preparing (practically and mentally) and training for very long and the expected storm is still yet to come. This leaves them in limbo, creating more uncertainty, frustration and anticipatory anxiety.

According to studies the burnout rate in general for doctors in South Africa is 76% or higher. Additionally, research reported burnout rates of as high as 98% for nurses in parts of the Free State.

Many factors contributing to burnout will especially be prevalent during the peak of Covid-19 infection.

The service

We ask doctors and nurses in need of counselling to request your facility’s management to contact the network. Alternatively you can contact the network yourself and request us to reach out to management.

The network extended the service beyond the initial 21 days lockdown.

This service provides a safe space for doctors and nurses to deal with what they face in fighting the Corona virus.

A diverse group of mental health professionals are available to respond quickly on request. Doctors and nurses can call the hotline and will be directed to the first available and best suited counsellor.

We are willing and available to assist, no matter what the cause of the distress, or what phase of the fight against Covid-19 we are in.


Doctors and nurses whose employers are not signed up for this service are welcome to contact me for counselling. The same applies for doctors in private practice.

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