Providing psychological counselling and crisis intervention to adolescents, adults, couples and businesses.

HENNING GERICKE Registered Counsellor

Offering psychological counselling. Target groups: preteens, teens, adults (including students, medical professionals and the elderly) and businesses.

Step into a space where human connection precedes professional labels, and conventional psychology is left behind, paving the way for authentic growth.

In-person services in Somerset West, online therapy to local and international clients.

Trauma counselling

Are you consumed by recurrent thoughts of the trauma, bodily symptoms, sadness, and anxiety caused by the trauma? And/or

  • Being easily startled or frightened?
  • Always being on guard for danger?
  • Insomnia?
  • Trouble concentrating?
  • Irritability, angry outbursts or aggressive behaviour?
  • Feelings of guilt or shame?

In therapy we can tap into your unique ways of coping and resilience to take back control of your life.

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Counselling for preteens, teens

Counselling is often the agenda of the parents. For an adolescent to be cooperative and continue with counselling he/she needs to experience that their needs are served.

In therapy we can attain that by,

  • finding OUTCOMES of the goals that will be compatible for the preteen/teen and parents
  • engaging with the best version of the teenager
  • guiding the adolescent to his/her preferred future
  • engaging in hope-filled conversations
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Counselling for adjustment, feelings of depression, grief, and anxiety

  • Are things becoming too much for you and/or the people around you; too overwhelming?
  • Are other people worried about you?
  • Is it affecting your relationships?
  • Does it interfere with your ability to function at work/ in school/ at university?
  • Is your life more limited because of this?

Engage in a therapy process to regain some sense of control and become the best version of yourself amidst/ despite your circumstances.

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Counselling for burnout

Burnout is about much more than physical exhaustion! Do you lack drive, motivation, and purpose? Do you experience emotional exhaustion or a low sense of personal accomplishment?

Recovering from burnout is about more than leading a “balance lifestyle”:

  • Become aware of exceptions to these symptoms.
  • Clarify what you would rather experience instead of these symptoms.
  • Become aware of your already existing coping behaviour. As well as resources, skills, and resilience. More importantly, how you can amplify these.
  • Start creating your preferred future by engaging in hope-filled conversations.
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More About Henning Gericke

Welcome to a space where human connection precedes professional labels. I'm not just a therapist; I'm a fellow traveller on the journey of life, eager to meet you where you are. My approach is refreshingly direct and devoid of pretence. I step away from the conventional "so, how do you feel?" persona and delve into genuine, meaningful interactions.

My philosophy is simple yet profound: I don't follow the crowd. The path less travelled often reveals the most insightful destinations, and it's this belief that shapes my practice. Unlike the conventional consensus in psychology, I thrive on uniqueness and the rich diversity of individual experiences.

Learning is a two-way street. My clients are my greatest teachers, guiding me through the vast landscape of human emotions and experiences. My role isn't to decipher your thoughts—as intriguing as they may be—nor am I here to dictate your life's direction or hand you ready-made solutions. Such an approach would underestimate your incredible potential for self-guidance and personal growth.

My mission is to empower you, to illuminate the strengths you already possess but may overlook, and to foster resilience that stands tall against the winds of change. Together, we'll navigate your journey, not with a map of preconceived notions, but with a compass that points towards your true north—the best version of yourself, crafted by your own hands, within the reality of your unique circumstances.

Step into a space where you're seen first as a person, and then as a client. Where your individuality is not just acknowledged but celebrated. Let's embark on this journey together, with open hearts and minds, towards a destination of growth, understanding, and self-discovery.


I have 22 years counselling experience in various settings.

This includes,

  • educational (high school and university),
  • medical (general wards and emergency rooms),
  • community level,
  • on-site (trauma counselling),
  • online and
  • private practice.


Within these settings I have dealt, among other things, with trauma, stress, burnout, feelings of depression and anxiety, relationship issues.

Finally, I have dealt with diverse target groups. This includes, preteens, teens, young adults (students), adults , the elderly, medical professionals, employees within business environments and members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

I do NOT offer couples, group or family counselling. Please, please consult someone who is a specialist in this field - someone who focuses on this field and offers this as a primary service, not as one of countless options. This field requires generic counselling skills, but also skills unique to this field. These skills need to be honed on a regular basis, i.e. the majority of clients you see, must fall in this category.

Henning Gericke - Counsellor trauma counselling and crisis intervention
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